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Blade Runner: Black Lotus

Сезон 1


# Епізод Кількість субтитри
1x13 Time to Die 0    
1x12 Artificial Souls 0    
1x11 All the Best Memories 0    
1x10 Clair de Lune 0    
1x09 Free Will 1 en   
1x08 The Davis Report 2 en es  
1x07 Reality 0    
1x06 Persistence of Memory 1  es  
1x05 Pressure 0    
1x04 The Doll Hunt 1  es  
1x03 The Human Condition 1   pt 
1x02 All We Are Not 1   pt 
1x01 City of Angels 1   pt 
All episodes 3 en es pt