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# Епізод Кількість субтитри
1x22 It Ain't Over till the Redhead Sings 1 en  
1x21 Up a Treehouse with a Paddle 1 en  
1x20 The King and I 0   
1x19 Labor of Love 1 en  
1x18 She Works Hard for Their Money 1 en  
1x17 He's Having a Baby 1 en  
1x16 Vanny Dearest 1 en  
1x15 You May Kick the Bride 1 en  
1x14 The Story of a Divorce 1 en  
1x13 Brock's Swan Song 1 en  
1x12 A Mid-Semester's Night Dream 1 en  
1x11 Meet the Parents 1 en  
1x10 When Good Credit Goes Bad 1 en  
1x09 Every Picture Tells a Story 1 en  
1x08 Don't Know Much About History 1 en  
1x07 Tea and Antipathy 1 en  
1x06 The Man and the Moon 1 en  
1x05 The Steaks Are High 1 en  
1x04 You Make Me Sick 1 en  
1x03 Someone's at the Gyno with Reba 1 en  
1x02 The Honeymoon's Over or Now What? 1 en  
1x01 Pilot 2 en es 
All episodes 2 en es