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Dragon Ball

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# Епізод Кількість субтитри
1x28 The Final Blow 1 gr  
1x27 Number One Under the Moon 1 gr  
1x26 The Grand Finals 1 gr  
1x25 Danger from Above 1 gr  
1x24 Krillin's Frantic Attack! 1 gr  
1x23 Monster Beast Giran 1 gr  
1x22 Yamcha vs. Jackie Chun 1 gr  
1x21 Smells Like Trouble 1 gr  
1x20 Elimination Round 1 gr  
1x19 The Tournament Begins 1 gr  
1x18 The Turtle Hermit Way 1 gr  
1x17 Milk Delivery 1 gr  
1x16 Find That Stone! 1 gr  
1x15 Look Out for Launch 1 gr  
1x14 Goku's Rival 1 gr  
1x13 The Legend of Goku 1 gr  
1x12 A Wish to the Eternal Dragon 1 gr  
1x11 The Penalty is Pinball 1 gr  
1x10 The Dragon Balls are Stolen! 1 gr  
1x09 Boss Rabbit's Magic Touch 1 gr  
1x08 The Kamehameha Wave 1 gr  
1x07 The Ox-King on Fire Mountain 1 gr  
1x06 Keep an Eye on the Dragon Balls 1 gr  
1x05 Yamcha the Desert Bandit 1 gr  
1x04 Oolong the Terrible 1 gr  
1x03 The Nimbus Cloud of Roshi 2 gr nl 
1x02 The Emperor's Quest 2 gr nl 
1x01 Secret of the Dragon Ball 2 gr nl 
All episodes 2 gr nl