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2 Broke Girls

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# Епізод Кількість субтитри
5x22 Episode 22 1 en    
5x21 And The Ten Inches 1 en    
5x20 And the Partnership Hits the Fan 2 en  pt  
5x19 And the Attack of the Killer Apartment 3 en  pt ro 
5x18 And the Loophole 3 en  pt ro 
5x17 And the Show and Don't Tell 3 en  pt ro 
5x16 And the Pity Party Bus 3 en  pt ro 
5x15 And the Great Escape 3 en  pt ro 
5x14 And You Bet Your Ass 3 en  pt ro 
5x13 And the Lost Baggage 3 en  pt ro 
5x12 And the Story Telling Show 3 en  pt ro 
5x11 And the Booth Babes 3 en  pt ro 
5x10 And the No New Friends 3 en  pt ro 
5x09 And the Sax Problem 3 en  pt ro 
5x08 And the Basketball Jones 3 en  pt ro 
5x07 And the Coming Out Party 3 en  pt ro 
5x06 And the Not Regular Down There 3 en  pt ro 
5x05 And the Escape Room 3 en  pt ro 
5x04 And the Inside Outside Situation 4 en ru pt ro 
5x03 And the Maybe Baby 3 en  pt ro 
5x02 And the Gym and Juice 3 en  pt ro 
5x01 And the Wrecking Ball 2 en   ro 
All episodes 4 en ru pt ro