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Todd & The Book Of Pure Evil

Сезон 2 | Сезон 1


# Епізод Кількість субтитри
1x14 A Farewell to Curtis' Arm 0   
1x13 Checkmate 0   
1x12 The Phantom Of Crowley High 0   
1x11 The Ghost of Chet Sukowski 0   
1x10 Big Bad Baby 0   
1x09 Cockfight 0   
1x08 Cockfight 0   
1x07 Terrible Twin Turf Tussle 0   
1x06 Invasion of the Stupid Snatchers 0   
1x05 Monster Fat 0   
1x04 Gay Day 1  fr 
1x03 Rock N' Roll Zombies Know Best 2 en fr 
1x02 How to Make a Homunculus 2 en fr 
1x01 Todd the Metal God 2 en fr 
All episodes 2 en fr