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Alfred Hitchcock Presents

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# Епізод Кількість субтитри
1x39 Momentum 0     
1x38 The Creeper 0     
1x37 Decoy 0     
1x36 Mink 0     
1x35 The Legacy 0     
1x34 The Hidden Thing 0     
1x33 The Belfry 0     
1x32 The Baby Sitter 0     
1x31 The Gentleman from America 0     
1x30 Never Again 0     
1x29 The Orderly World of Mr. Appleby 0     
1x28 Portrait of Jocelyn 0     
1x27 Help Wanted 0     
1x26 Whodunit 0     
1x25 There Was an Old Woman 0     
1x24 The Perfect Murder 0     
1x23 Back for Christmas 1  fr   
1x22 Place of Shadows 0     
1x21 Safe Conduct 1    gr 
1x20 And So Died Riabouchinska 1    gr 
1x19 The Derelicts 1    gr 
1x18 Shopping for Death 1    gr 
1x17 The Older Sister 1    gr 
1x16 You Got to Have Luck 1    gr 
1x15 The Big Switch 1    gr 
1x14 A Bullet for Baldwin 1    gr 
1x13 The Cheney Vase 1    gr 
1x12 Santa Claus and the 10th Avenue Kid 1    gr 
1x11 Guilty Witness 2 en   gr 
1x10 The Case of Mr. Pelham 3 en fr  gr 
1x09 The Long Shot 3 en  ru gr 
1x08 Our Cook's a Treasure 2 en   gr 
1x07 Breakdown 4 en fr ru gr 
1x06 Salvage 3 en  ru gr 
1x05 Into Thin Air 3 en  ru gr 
1x04 Don't Come Back Alive 3 en  ru gr 
1x03 Triggers in Leash 3 en  ru gr 
1x02 Premonition 3 en  ru gr 
1x01 Revenge 4 en fr ru gr 
All episodes 4 en fr ru gr