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The Big Bang Theory

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# Епізод Кількість субтитри
11x24 Episode 24 0       
11x23 The Sibling Realignment 0       
11x22 The Monetary Insufficiency 0       
11x21 The Comet Polarization 1 en      
11x20 The Reclusive Potential 2 en     ro 
11x19 The Tenant Disassociation 2 en     ro 
11x18 The Gates Excitation 2 en     ro 
11x17 The Athenaeum Allocation 2 en     ro 
11x16 The Neonatal Nomenclature 2 en     ro 
11x15 The Novelization Correlation 3 en    pt ro 
11x14 The Separation Triangulation 3 en    pt ro 
11x13 The Solo Oscillation 3 en    pt ro 
11x12 The Matrimonial Metric 3 en    pt ro 
11x11 The Celebration Reverberation 4 en  gr  pt ro 
11x10 The Confidence Erosion 4 en  gr  pt ro 
11x09 The Bitcoin Entanglement 4 en  gr  pt ro 
11x08 The Tesla Recoil 4 en  gr  pt ro 
11x07 The Geology Methodology 4 en  gr  pt ro 
11x06 The Proton Regeneration 3 en  gr   ro 
11x05 The Collaboration Contamination 5 en  gr hu pt ro 
11x04 The Explosion Implosion 5 en  gr hu pt ro 
11x03 The Relaxation Integration 6 en fr gr hu pt ro 
11x02 The Retraction Reaction 5 en  gr hu pt ro 
11x01 The Proposal Proposal 5 en  gr hu pt ro 
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